Friday, June 26, 2009

Present: Change of Life

Even though I'm about through the middle-age thing (unless I live to be 100), I am experiencing a "change of life" right now. As for the real mid-life crisis we experience, I still want a tattoo really bad (I designed a "godly" Fender Stratocaster that a tattoo artist drew up for me - can't spring for the $100 to get it done), and I'm jonesing for a backup guitar, (can't spring for that either.) Other than that, I never wanted the sports car or the 20 year old college chick. My change of life has come in a different way... Donna's mom and dad and two granddaughters have moved to Walbridge. Now for the first time in 13 years we have family living in the same town as us.

It has already been an amazing experience. They have plugged along for too many years trying to raise Sara (11) and Alyssa (7) on their own, and God opened the doors for them to come here, so we could jump in and offer them the help they so freely gave us when we were first married. We picked out a house for them (scary I know) which they love, we've helped them with contractors, buying furniture and appliances, helped them get familiarized with the area, the boys have kept their yard mowed and on and on - it's such a great joy to give back to them. The biggest and best blessing of all? We are beginning to introduce them to Jesus Christ.

Our small group and church family have already shared Christ's love without even mentioning His name - through food baskets, cards, visits; and the two girls from our church that live across the street have become Sara and Alyssa's good friends. Another young girl from the church has taken Sara to the movies and had her over to play; I think they are starting to settle in.

Please pray for them - God has never been a part of their family but get this...they all came to church last week and the message was about raising your kids in a godly household. It couldn't have been any better. This is a welcome "change of life."

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  1. It's me again - Rebecca. I rejoice with the opportunity you and Donna and the church have to minister to your family. You must already see the clear hand of God in this move. Be encouraged! Now, would you please tell your wife that I tried to respond to her on her blog but the add below won't let me write the code to post? She visited my blog ( and I was commenting to see if she was U.B. Then I saw your picture as follower, clicked, and here I am again! Blessings, friends.