Thursday, May 13, 2010

Change of Life 2

It was about a year ago I wrote in a post about how my life was changing due to the fact that my inlaws and nieces were moving here from Florida. Well, they have settled in nicely this past year and we are really glad to have them in our life - and yes, our life has certainly changed with their arrival. With some new things that are coming up in my life yet again, I've taken a minute to reflect back about how we go through many "changes of life" as we pass through our short time on this planet.

Think about your changes of life; like the kindergarten experience. I remember I cried like a kindergartener when my mom took me to Voris Elementary and introduced me to Mrs. Gray. That day is followed by milestones like your first crush (Joyce Houston), your first fight (Chuckie Martin) and your first really nasty school teacher (Mrs. Trustly) and even your first trip to the principal's best friend Joe Scaglione and I saved our lunch money in 5th grade and snuck off the playground to buy candy at the gas station on Waterloo Road. Boy did we freak out when Mrs. Armoroid came on the loud speaker later that day "Mrs. Kinney? Will you send John Authenreith and Joe Scaglione to my office please?" How did she know? Then of course comes junior high (yuck - Rosswell Kent Jr. High) and high school (Garfield) and hopefully if you've done what your supposed to do, high school graduation. Which brings me to my current change of life.

My little boy Brandon is graduating from high school in a few weeks. Mourn, wail, sniff, sniff. I can't believe we are already at this point in our journey of life. It seems like only yesterday I was cutting his umbilical cord with a weird pair of scissors (those things are really thick), taking him to his first kindergarten class, blessing him at Confirmation, beaming over him when he graduated from 8th grade at Salem School in Tomball Texas and dropping him off for his first day of high school at Concordia.

We have so much to be proud of. He is a great kid errr...former kid. He's very smart, fun to be around and has made our life and our family a joy these past 18 years. Now he's off to his own change of life as he heads to Bowling Green State University in the fall. Way to go Brandon - your mom and I are very proud and love you tons.

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