Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Morning Doughnut & Coffee

It's been on my heart for quite some time that I should take a few minutes at least once a week and jot down my thoughts in what used to be my active blog.  Well, it's been inactive for quite a while. It's not like people are flocking by the thousands to read my posts and I haven't made "The Huffington Post" yet or even some worship leader's forum (nor do I strive to), but I enjoy writing so what the heck; I can do it for my own enjoyment right?  On with the post...

Every Monday morning at Mainstreet, a lovely retired lady named Carol brings me my particular favorite doughnut and a McDonald's coffee with cream - just the way I like it.  She doesn't just do this for me... we have a volunteer cleaning team that brings doughnuts and coffee for the staff and their own team each week.  Carol just happens to know what I like and brings it to my office each Monday; I know, I'm spoiled.  I like to enjoy my doughnut and coffee as I'm doing my morning prayer and devotions in my office. 

Today I was reading from the book of Mark in the New Testament.  In chapter 4, Jesus shares the parable of the sower.  Briefly, Jesus says that some "seed" is thrown on the path where birds eat it, some falls in the rocks with little soil so it doesn't grow, some falls in the thorns and gets choked and some falls on good soil and brings a good crop of grain.  His buddies weren't sure what he was talking about so he explained to them that the seed he was referring to is the Word of God, the Bible.  

Jesus says that the truths that he shares;
- are heard but immediately after, Satan takes them away (you forget)
- are heard and received with joy but the minute something goes wrong they're forgotten
- are heard but the cares of the world and the desire to live the way you want chokes it
- are heard and are accepted; life is lived by them AND they bear fruit.  

I think most of us waver back and forth between some of these if you want to really be honest.  The last one says it - the mark of someone really living by the Word of God is bringing others to a relationship with Christ.  Although getting there is a process, it should be what all Christians are striving for.     

What do you think?  Where do you stand on the "seed-sowing" path? 

BTW- my posts won't always be of a spiritual nature and I have no intention of trying to bring "deep spiritual truths" to my posts... I write what happens to be on my heart and for fun! 


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  1. I like your insights John. Everyone interprets things differently and you definitely shine a light onto different views.